010 - OTP20IN20 - RIN/SHIEMI

Here it is, I am done with my claim for [livejournal.com profile] otp20in20, an icon challenge community that lets you make icons of any pairing.

Believe it or not but I actually started working on this claim on the 15th and finally finished it today. I had some difficulty but thankfully music saved the day among with the anime.

If it were only the manga or scans, I would be dead D:

Ironic part is that I didn't use the anime until the last ones. I'm an idiot |D

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy them. I'm going to put explanations down below on how I interpreted the themes that were given.

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I did it, I did it! I finished!

This is for [livejournal.com profile] yaoi20in20, an icon challenge community that focuses on yaoi, which tickles my fancy~

I've used official scans, pictures from the games, and doujinshi. I even colored the doujinshi (well, only three) trying my hand with shading with two of them - which freaked me out because they actually came out good!

These were all so fun to make and I have to thank my friend Silver for her opinions on them all. Thank youuu <3 -hugs-

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A very needed dump of some graphics that were hidden away on my main journal.

[46] BLEACH - Ulquiorra, Ulquihime.

[10] BLEACH - Ulquiorra, Ulquihime.

[1] BLEACH - Ulquihime.

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Dear gods was this a long and torturing process but I enjoyed it nonetheless and it's finally done! I'm quite nervous, haha, but I hope I did these two justice~

Anyway, this is for [livejournal.com profile] otp20in20 , an icontest community that piqued my interest and Ulquihime just went "HEY DO US NOW" and fought against my first choice, Shiki/Akira from Togainu no Chi. I always choose Ulquihime, even over BL/yaoi |||orz

There's a HUGE mix of styles and I'm surprised at some of the results. Yes, there's animated but not a lot. DAMN YOU LJ LIMIT MAKING ME SAVE THEM SO LOW THEY LOOK LIKE VECTORS T_T

TEASERS - tease you silly bahahaha~
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[267] - Durarara!! - Izaya, Shizuo, Shinra, and fuck, just LOOK OKAY D<


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[1] Naruto - Sasori

[2] Gackt
[1] Devil May Cry 3 - Vergil/Dante
[7] BLEACH - Grimmjow, Ulquiorra/Orihime

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[31] BLEACH - Bases of Ulquiorra


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[183] BLEACH - Bases of Ulquiorra, Ulquiorra/Orihime


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[6] Naruto - Gaara, Sasori
[20] Inuyasha - Sesshoumaru, Sesshoumaru/Kagome
[7] The Dark Knight - Joker
[6] BLEACH - Grimmjow cosplay
[6] Fruits Basket - Shigure, Megumi, Hatori
[8] Avatar: The Last Airbender - Zuko, Zuko/Katara
[9] Other - Axis Powers Hetalia, Enzai, Pride & Prejudice, Who's Line, Dorian Gray, Vampire Knight, Harry Potter, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


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001 - OLD DUMP xD

[24] Naruto - Gaara, Gaara/Naruto
[4] Inuyasha - Sesshoumaru, Sesshoumaru/Kagomne
[1] Fullmetal Alchemist - Roy Mustang
[2] Harry Potter - Lucius Malfoy, Cane Gag


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Also known as materials.

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Also known as link exchanges!

So you wish to join the force? Er, I mean, be affiliates? Excellent! Leave a comment after reading the requirements :D

  • Any type of graphic community/journal is allowed.

  • Choose between four of your icons.

  • Make sure to link said community or journal clearly.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Also known as the "Not actually asked but may be asked."

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