Jun. 1st, 2010 08:32 pm
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Also known as materials.


All fonts are from


Brushes (Redesigning but you can go here to download the brushes. TESTED, WORKS.) -> (Redesigning.) -> (Chinese characters) (Chinese dragonset) (Chinese ink) (Chinese clouds) (Dragon Volume - Chinese - ) (Vintage Paper) (Old Paper) (Magic) (Blood) (AMAZING BRUSHES OMFG. Their permission to use on artwork other sites besides DA is:
You may post the artwork done with our stock on your personal pages (website, blog, myspace,flickr,etc.) but it may not be used for myspace layouts or anything of the sort without our permission. which is further down on their journal. So worry not, just make sure to link back xD) (Epic brushes, omfg. Also, be careful not to download the packs for Vue6. You want the Photoshop brushes.)



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