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Here it is, I am done with my claim for [livejournal.com profile] otp20in20, an icon challenge community that lets you make icons of any pairing.

Believe it or not but I actually started working on this claim on the 15th and finally finished it today. I had some difficulty but thankfully music saved the day among with the anime.

If it were only the manga or scans, I would be dead D:

Ironic part is that I didn't use the anime until the last ones. I'm an idiot |D

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy them. I'm going to put explanations down below on how I interpreted the themes that were given.

teaser one teaser two teaser three


Hogwarts Fight Blocking Fade Magic
Chess Pieces Two Fonts Song Title Love Tropes Wallpaper Texture




1 2 3 4 5

Hogwarts: I view Rin and Shiemi as Gryffindor. They're both so brave and are willing to sacrifice themselves for their friends. I found a texture (which you can see) and adjusted things up a bit along with sticking a cursive "G" :P
Fight: Shiemi won a "hand fight" against Rin XD
Blocking: My first time doing this and, well, it was fun to figure out a style.
Fade: I tried not to make it too dark but if it's too light, it won't seem like a fade. It's basically Shiemi dreaming of Rin's hilarious antics |D
Magic: I had so FUN with this one, omg. I just adored how it came out with gorgeous blues and greens. It shows Rin with his blue flames and Shiemi with her familiar~
Chess Pieces: I gotta tell you, this one was a huge ass to me. I had to switch around the blending options for them to "blend" in with the royal looking background. If you can't tell, Rin has something on his head which I thought would be a good idea to twist it like a "crown" and Shiemi has a flower in her hair. I had to find chess pieces brushes though to put it across since it is hard to see what he's wearing. It actually made the icon complete :D
Two Fonts: I saw this picture and knew EXACTLY what to put, as you can see. They have such adorable smiles 8D
Song Title: I'm Still Here, from Treasure Planet. I had trouble on "All Small Things" by Blink182 but then I thought of this song and it fits them so MUCH.
Love Tropes: Love Triangle :3
Wallpaper Texture: Texture is from here but this was the most bitchiest icon I've ever MADE. Went through three other textures before this one. Also, as you can see, Shiemi's side is mostly bright while Rin's is grey with his blue flames to symbolize their roles. A bit of a angst icon too |D
Zoom In(s): The zoom ones were difficult. They're all from scans (spreads). I swear I like to make it difficult for myself XD I made sure they gradually zoomed in with each one. I hope they're correct though!
Artist's Choices: These are from episode 4 and 5. Less stressful making them, haha, since they flowed out (thank goodness too!).

Can't see the text the last 10?
zoom 3 says Heaven Forever
zoom 4 says caught in the act
zoom 5 says seduction

ac 2 says live your life
ac 4 says tranquillity

If being used, please credit [livejournal.com profile] rayesesshyfan or [livejournal.com profile] dinvortex, thanks!
Comments are appreciated, encouraged, and loved!
Feel free to watch/join the comm!
Resources can be seen here.

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