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Frequently Asked Questions
Also known as the "Not actually asked but may be asked."

What's credit exactly and why should I give it?

Crediting is linking back to whoever made the creation and you don't really have to credit me, but I would very much appreciate it. It also lets people know where you got the said creation in the first place.

While I didn't make the artwork itself (unless stated), I only ask for credit because I took my time to crop it and design it with brushes, textures, etc., and just ask to give a link back in return.

//How to Credit

Just put OR in the keywords if you upload it here on LJ or make a link to either this community or my main. Either one works and, again, it's not a rule to follow to credit me, but it is asked of you to do so and I would appreciate it very much.

Do you take requests?

I do. Look out for the request posts that I will post here.

How long does making a request take?

It depends on what I'm making but if it's a large request, I say give it half a week after two or three days have gone by since I don't like to rush and I just wait for it to flow, not force it. Odd, I know, but I'm being honest.

Can I use your graphics someplace besides Livejournal?

Sure, knock yourself out!

Aww, you haven't made a set with ______ yet D:

Give me a nudge then by sending a message. I just might do one with it :D

Do you update regulary?

I only do so when I have a good enough batch to put out. Sometimes I do get distracted with things like anime, movies, etc., Worry not though since, despite how late it is, I will be keep posting graphics here.

Will you make tutorials on how to do _____?

I don't know if I can if it includes something that I found while experimenting and probably won't remember how to do it if I haven't done it much. But, if I can remember it, then sure :D

What programs do you use?

I mostly use Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 and Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Can I affiliate with you?

You sure can! I accept any type of graphic community/journal.

Comment here after reading the requirements to do so and I'll get to you ASAP :D

What brushes, textures, fonts, etc,. do you use?

Go here for that.

I would really like to have the artwork from _____ icon.

If I remember where I got it, then I'll be glad to give it to you. If not, then sorry D:

Is it okay if I hotlink your graphics?

If it's hosted on IMAGESHACK, then yes. If they aren't hosted on there, then no since, well, I need my photobucket bandwidth XD

What exactly does this comminity name mean anyway?!

Din is another word for "chaos" while vortex is a "something regarded as drawing into its powerful current everything that surrounds it". I wanted something that describes myself as well as my graphics. When you twist the words, it means that this place is like a vortex with a massive amount of graphics all in one place. Chaos just hints that there's a lot.

Yes, I know it's weird but I like the idea :P

My question wasn't answered here, where can I ask it?

Ask it here at this post and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can. 
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